Simply Green Project

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Plant a seed.

Grow a tree.

Make a difference.

Please check Woodland Trust Website to see if you could help with the project of planting seed and growing tree.

I thought this project can be quite relevant to a new study by researchers at University of Illinois which confirmed the long-held understanding that natural scenery can be a useful tool in reducing psychological stress.

The research team, led by Dr Bin Jiang, subjected 158 volunteers to mildly stressful scenarios, including preparing a speech and delivering it to a group of people, after which they were asked to perform a subtraction task in front of judges and a video camera.

After undertaking the stress-inducing activities, the volunteers used a VR headset to view one of a selection of six-minute 360-degree videos featuring urban areas with variable amounts of visible tree canopy coverage.

The findings suggested that viewing tree canopy in communities can significantly aid stress recovery and that every tree matters,” researchers said.

You can claim your free tree seeds now and easily help to promote mental health& well being and environment. 



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